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Association Équestre Régionale Sud-Ouest
South-West Regional Equestrian Association

The Association équestre régionale du Sud-Ouest Classique (A.E.R.S.O.) is one of  eight (8) equestrian “Classique” régions in Quebec.  These regions are non­profit organizations set up to encourage novice and amateur riders to take part at the entry level of equestrian show jumping, dressage and eventing competitions. The Southwest region ranges from Huntingdon, Quebec to Williamstown, Ontario.  

The A.E.R.S.O. supports the equestrian community by over seeing the different competitions offered during the show circuit season where members accumulate points with their winnings.  These accumulated points will be an indicator of members who have qualified and may take part in the Inter Regional Finals Championships held by the Federation équestre de Québec (FEQ).  Participants achievements are also recognized and celebrated at a year-end awards banquet.




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